What is KahaNEE..

We live in a world of stories that are created by us and the many others who are influencing us. These stories have defined and will keep defining as to who we are and who we will be in future.

Our dreams are translated into our stories which defines and becomes our goals. Goals that we look forward to achieve thereby translating into another story of success and triumphs.

KahaNEE (classically a Story) is a coaching model that has been designed on the lines of Coaching GROW model with an emphasis on “Story Telling” and “Visioning”.


The model would enable you to not only discover your potential but also help you put forward your path of discovering what more you could do or achieve in your life. And while you do discover new stories, celebrate and recalibrate your life as you wish to.


For booking a KahaNEE session, do share in your details in the section below and our coaches will be in touch with you soon for discovering a new journey..

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